Words, words, words

Have you ever paid attention to your language?

The words that come out of your mouth? They are a direct reflection of your state of mind.

When I work with clients I notice the patterns of language. Is the chatter negative or positive?

If it’s negative, I often ask would you speak to your best friend the way you talk to yourself?

The answer universally is a soft no of realization.

Awareness, acceptance, action. It’s a three step process to change isn’t it?

Speak with integrity. I often hear the words killing me used all over the place. Really? Is it really killing you? Or I hate this or that. Hmm how about softening your approach?

Everything is energy. The words we speak to ourselves, to others, all of it matters.

Dr Masaru Emoto studied the effect of thoughts on water. Look him up, his work is amazing and life changing.

Essentially, love, prayer, and meditation can change the crystals of water, however, the reverse is also true.

What does that mean for us?

As humans we are composed of 70% water.

Ultimately it means that what we think creates our reality, not just emotionally but physically. Period.

Chose your thoughts wisely, speak with integrity. Set positive intentions and watch your world change.



Words.  Words have power.  The power to heal and the power to hurt.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all said things we’ve later regretted.

Lately I’ve been greatly affected by something a parent said.  I called looking for support and instead got tough love in the form of a sermon.  Not something I appreciate or works for me.

I was told some pretty harsh things such as I’ve screwed up every job I’ve ever done.  Nice eh? That one stung.

I hesitated even speaking about it here because I’ve attempted to make my blog a positive one, however, I saw an opportunity to share some important lessons learned around the event.

When it happened I was devastated. I tried to remind myself that my parent’s model of the world was very different from mine.

It took a long time for the energy around the conversation to dissipate and for the words to stop haunting me.

Words have power, be careful how you use them.