The itty bitty shitty committee

Ah the itty bitty shitty committee. You know the one I’m talking about, the negative voice in your head, the one that stems from ego that fills you with fear, negativity and anger. That voice can quickly gather a committee and become thunderous can’t it?

I was riding along the pathways a few weeks ago. I stopped in a gorgeous spot, near rapids. There was a man with a dog who was thinking about crossing in the shallow, fast running water.

He was sitting on the fence about the whole affair. I gently coaxed him to cross. The decision was his. His dog was more than happy to go in. He had the best footwear. If he got wet he’d have a refreshing walk home on a hot day.

Just as he started walking into the water another couple appeared. The man became this guy’s itty bitty shitty committee. I’m sure he was trying to be helpful, as there is a positive intention behind every action, however, he was the voice of fear.

He went through every possible bad outcome the man could encounter. He brought up the fact that his cell phone was in his pocket and on and on he went. At one point I actually told him to shut it.

There we were, the good angel and the bad demon on the shore while this man battled it out with running water, slippery rock surfaces and his dog.

What do you think he decided to do?

Take a guess.

He decided not to cross. If looks could kill, the bad demon would have been instantly blown away by yours truly.

Instead, I said to the man well maybe next time you’ll have the courage to cross without an audience.

What does that voice tell you? What real estate do you let it occupy in your headspace? How does it influence you on the daily?

Lately I’ve allowed that voice to take up way too much space in my head. No more. Oh I know it’ll still be there on the sidelines waiting to jump in, however, I will let all the good rush in. I choose to focus on the positive. Because there is plenty.

I have a good life. I am loved. Surrounded by amazing friends. A passion for sports psychology and a desire to help as many as I can in this one life. Live Natalie says the voice. Live fully. Don’t hide because you’re hurting. You’ll be ok. You are safe.

That’s the voice I choose. What about you?



I’m off to a run clinic shortly. Let me share something with you, I do not run. I am by no means a runner. My body is that of a ski racer, big legs and hips, not conducive to running whatsoever.

But I’m out there, determined and so inspired from the triathlon and half ironman I saw in Lake George. I became a member of the local triathlon club when I got back and signed up for this start smart running clinic. So far it’s been great.

So why do I bring up self-talk? Well last week I shared a tip with my group before we took off on our run. I’ll be doing the same today. A woman approached me during the run and spoke about the negative self-talk she had going on in her head.

I like to call it the itty bitty shitty committee. You know the one. The voice that says: “you can’t do this” or ” you suck” or worse, a combination of both.

So how do you go about changing that voice in your head to a more positive one? The first step is awareness. Spend some time observing what the dialogue is like in your head. The next step is challenging the voice and flipping it. The outcome is to have a positive vibe and voice going on.

So instead of “I can’t do this” say to yourself “why don’t I give this a shot and see how it goes.”

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.