How does faith show up in your life?

A few weeks ago I received a phone call about another contract job opportunity. It was on my day off and I was literally in blissville.

I spent the day in Almonte shopping, kibitzing and being inspired by these incredible female entrepreneurs who own businesses down Mill street. I was recharging my batteries and filling my soul with creativity, beauty and nature.

Little did I know the Universe was looking out for me yet again.

I came back to the office the next day and found out an internal resource was going to be working with my team on a part-time basis providing the support I do. I immediately launched into research mode to find out what the scoop was.

I started panicking and went into “I’m going to be let go” mode. I focused on the tasks I had but this feeling of unease swept over me. I spoke to my boss about the new resource and asked how it was going to work out. He did not have an answer for me. I pledged my full cooperation, focused on teamwork and said I needed help which was true.

From the very beginning of this contract I had been feeling out of my depth and doubted myself after an absence from the field of five years. I knew I was capable of figuring out how to go about getting tasks done, however, my experience and skills were somewhat limited with regards to the scope of the position.

When I received this news, my confidence took a nosedive because nothing is ever certain in contract work. You can be let go at a moment’s notice. I started emoting and feeling sad.

I touched base with the person who had called me about the opportunity the day after I received the call to get a little more clarification, to set up a meeting and go for coffee. I wanted to nurture the relationship.

I’m glad I did. The very day I was told my services would no longer be needed I was hired by that same person.

I love how the Universe works. Some may call it serendipity. I truly believe there is a bigger plan at hand. I believe in the law of attraction. When you are in a positive space you attract incredible opportunities and energy.

I am constantly being reminded not to be concerned about the hows, to focus on my dreams and the path it is I want. To me that is the essence of faith. Trusting things will all work out for the best and in the meantime, all is well.

Thanks again Universe for showing me the way. I have faith.