It’s been two months since I’ve written.

I don’t know about you but I’ve felt my absence on this platform. Two months is a long time to go missing and be absent. In sharing where I’ve been, I hope my honesty helps others.

Ever since college I’ve gone through periods of highs and lows. The highs are awesome and super productive. The lows are terrible and wracked with anxiety and fear.

That’s where I’ve been, going through yet another low. They tend not to last as long as the highs and somehow I manage to pull myself out.

It’s funny because I’ve recently taken on a new client. She’s an amazing kid but she is plagued with confidence and anxiety. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

That’s how the Universe shows up for me. This time it’s planted a client in front of me that reminds me of me. I get the incredible gift of helping her and for that I am truly grateful.

Because in helping her I am helping myself.

In listening to her describe her anxiety it sounds like my story. I too feel like something is wrong and like whatever it is won’t ever go away. Like her, I feel it most often while I’m lying in bed.

That’s where I share my tools with her and hopefully remember them when the anxiety I feel hits me.

I remember to breathe. Big, deep belly breaths. As many of them as I can manage. I’ll often use a YouTube meditation to help ease the anxiety and take my mind off things. I’ll try and go to my happy place.

Another secret revealed. Just because I do sports psychology and teach positive living tools doesn’t mean I have it all figured out and am immune to life’s challenges.

I have my share of them, the important thing is to come out on the other side as quickly as possible with my resiliency intact.

It’s my greatest hope for you too.


Ups and downs

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a summer. Not in a good way.

I try and stay away from heavy topics on this blog but my summer has been a little disconcerting.

I’ve been riding a rollercoaster of mood swings most of the summer.  The highs and lows are troubling and tiring. The good news is I’ve made an appointment to see a biochemist to see whether my moods can be regulated.  I have been resisting chemical solutions as I’m not a big believer in western medicine.

The highs are better than the lows.  High productivity, accelerated idea generation combined with restlessness and little sleep.  The lows are not so great: tears, depressed mood and loads of sleep.

This cyclical pattern has been present for years.  As much as I like the productivity I don’t like the lows at all, I’d really like a more even life.

The impacts have been far reaching on my life, my relationship and work.

Here’s hoping the solution lies in brain chemistry so I can look forward to smoother sailing, I will keep you posted.