An important factor in any athlete’s life.

One of my clients was disagnosed with mono earlier this winter. His family is very A type, no rest for the weary. He’s still playing tennis and wondering why he’s not getting better.

There is no remedy for mono except rest. I know, I’ve been there.

I sometimes wonder what it’s going to take for this athlete to slow down because the Universe sure is giving him a message.

Unfortunately there is very little I can do when it comes to situations like this. I can speak to the athlete and his parents but ultimately the decision to stop is up to them.

This client has played through injury and now this.

Rest is part an athlete’s life. It’s just as important as training.

Please make it a priority before it forces you to.



A green cleanse keeps the toxins away

I did a 12 day green cleanse a month ago.  I had wanted to do one for a while. When I proposed the idea to my partner he was fully supportive, so he decided to do one with me.

A cleanse is a lot of preparation work. Making sure you have fresh fruits and veggies that are cleaned and ready to go because there’s no going to your favorite snacks.  Dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol and caffeine are all out.  There is a preparation week prior to the cleanse where caffeine is reduced and vegetable intake is increased.  Legumes and grains are permitted for some days of the cleanse. 

A few days in my partner and I both experienced symptoms.  He felt like road kill and I felt nauseous, all a result of toxins leaving our body.  Better out than in. There were days when I wanted to throw in the towel when my partner would come home pale-faced and I was worried I was not feeding him enough.

I had a lot of emotions come up.  I know I have lots of feelings around food.  I’ve gained and lost weight since college. There were days when I was sad or frustrated and wanted to give up but my partner proved to be my rock through the process.

I was provided with recipes and access to online coaching. The vegan lifestyle is a whole other world: hemp and flax seeds, tamari, millet and quinoa.  Phew!

Since the cleanse I have integrated certain elements into my daily diet such as hot lemon water, a green smoothie and a zucchini hummus.

I can’t say I felt better, most of the time I was obsessed with thoughts of food and was hungry a lot.  The weekend after the cleanse I went skiing and froze so badly I thought I had hypothermia, it was a miserable experience.

The period after the cleanse is about food reintegration and can be done in 6 to 8 weeks to determine allergic reactions.  Unfortunately I had a pre-booked Valentine’s dinner so that went out the window. I do have allergies and was looking forward to getting some answers.

Cleanses are not for everyone, however, when we mentioned we were doing a cleanse everyone seemed to have a story. I will probably do a shortened version of the cleanse once a season.


Not sure what’s going on with the universe lately but my system has gone haywire.  I had two bad burns last week.  I found out, after looking up their meaning, that burns are related to anger.  Great.

I’ve been consistently waking up at 3:30 or thereabouts.  Numerology friends please weigh in.

 Consequently I’m falling asleep at 9:30 on the couch and dragging during the day.

I’ve now gotten a nasty sore throat.  Apparently I’m holding in angry words. Sigh.

I’m not whining but I can’t believe what’s manifesting lately.  I’ve been told according to the Mayan calendar it’s a challenging time now.  Really?  I hadn’t noticed. 

My only question is: when is it over?