Life is all about moments isn’t it?

Like most, I grew up fortunate in a lot of ways and lacking in others.

I was raised in the Gatineau hills with access to a lake and a ski hill. I became a fish and someone who flies down hills at speeds most people drive. It was an idyllic life on the surface, complete with a golden retriever named Blondie.

We all have stories don’t we? Every single one of us. How do yours define you?

This blog has evolved over time. From a place where I regaled friends and readers with my funny dating adventures to a blog about a relationship I was in for six years to a more professional platform where I speak of my passion for sports psychology and helping amateur athletes succeed.

The posts are all stories. Stories of my life. I’ve shared the ones I wanted to share and kept to myself the ones I don’t.

I do positive psychology for a reason. The tools I teach are what I most need to learn. In sharing them with others, facilitating their growth and seeing their success I get to give back. I get to help young athletes succeed not just in sport but in life.

I’m all about moments. No one has ever been able to hold on to a single one.

In life there are no do overs, no rewinds and no playbacks.

All we have is this moment, and the next if we’re lucky.

What do you want to do with your moments?

I’ve spent far too much time hiding. Hiding from my greatness, from the gifts I have, thinking I wasn’t good enough. A fraud for teaching these tools when I sometimes felt like I couldn’t take another step in my own life.

It took the sudden and unexpected death of a best friend to remind me that life is for living. What was I waiting for? I was done being afraid and doing everything else but my calling. Thank you James for your celestial kick in the ass.

It’s been almost five years since he left this plane. Since then I’ve helped many kids get greater joy out of doing what they love in sport and in life. It is my raison d’être. The reason I was put on this earth.

From now on my promise and commitment to myself is that there will be no more hiding. My light will be shining bright.

I have an accountability partner, who happens to also be a cherished friend. Together we are committed to making our businesses grow. To keeping ourselves in this space where good things happen because we will work our asses off to make them happen and the Universe will deliver tenfold.

I’m looking forward to what the future brings, moment by moment. Are you?


Letting go

I’ve lost two clients lately.  Most of my clients are ski racers and the season is unfortunately over, however, the loss was unexpected.

It’s tough losing clients.  I’ve been told not to take it personally or that it’s not a reflection of me but it’s not easy.  I had only been working with them for a month, hardly enough time to really make a difference.

The outcomes for both clients were not great.  When asked why one client no longer wanted to work with me I was told that it wasn’t working and worse, an equipment change seemed to help.  Really? I know that what I do works, no ifs ands or buts.  My success as a ski racer was due in part to the mental work I did. I also know what I do isn’t for everyone. Fair enough.

The relationship I developed with the second client was intense. Her story was very similar to my own and my heart really went out to her.  We got very close until she abruptly ended our professional relationship after a month with no reason, by text, no less.  I was devastated to say the least. I was at least told the work I had done with her had helped.  To add flavor to the mix I was not paid for part of the work I did. Very disappointing on many levels.

I guess it’s important to realize that what I do isn’t going to float everyone’s boat. I love what I do, I’m passionate and believe in the results possible.

Funnily letting go is one of the concepts I teach, applying it to myself became a little tougher. Some important lessons were learned and that’s what matters.


Looking for answers

I’ve been restless lately, I’m not sure what’s going on. Full moon?  Mid life crisis?

Whatever it is, I’ve got lots of questions about how to best market my services in sports psychology. Talking with other entrepreneurs about best practices is always fruitful but usually leaves me with even more questions.

As a business owner or entrepreneur do you have a marketing strategy that works?  How much does social media feature in your plan? What are your lessons learned? How do you go about drumming up business?

I’m really hoping to get feedback on all this so please let me know what you think.