Today I went skiing on the most beautiful of bluebird days with full on hero snow in effect.

Skiing solo, I always strike up conversations with people in the chairlift. It’s interesting, you never know what you’ll learn and it’s better than sitting in silence.

Well today I met someone who inspired me. She started skiing this season and readily avows that skiing is her life. I love it. I couldn’t get enough of her enthusiasm and sheer joy to be skiing. It was so beautiful.

She’s in her forties and decided to start skiing this past winter. She’s progressed from a plow to parallel and seems determined to push her limits. I was really impressed with her.

It’s refreshing to meet someone like minded who blurts out “skiing is my life!”

It boggles my mind when I meet someone so passionate. I mean how often does something like this happen?

It reinforces my passion for the sport I’ve been practicing for almost 40 years now and spurs me on.

I love how life works. The people who are put in your path to remind you just how fortunate you really are.

Amen sister!


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