Are you living?

There is a dream inside of you. Kept hidden from the world. You’ve made excuses for it. Delayed it.

You’ve listened to people telling you to be realistic. Deep down in your heart, you know you’re not living to your potential and life is something you’re just getting on with.

Do you know where the wealthiest place in the world is? The graveyard. It’s the place where inventions were never invented. Businesses never erected. Songs never sung. Books never written. Ideas never nurtured. People never realized. Because they were scared to take a risk.

You’re not in the graveyard yet.

We get one life. Every passing moment we will not get back again.

There is no rewind button on life.

The present moment is so precious. We have to be here, be in it. Make the most of it. Live our dreams because they are possible.

Helen Keller was once asked what on earth would be worse than being born blind? Her answer: “It would be so much worse to be born with sight and have no vision.”

Do you. Be you. Be here now.

Your dreams are possible. Live your life. Step into your greatness.

The average person dies at 25 and is buried at 75.

Do not go where the path may lead but go where there is no path and leave a trail.


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