My mentor

Well Father’s Day has come and gone. A day to celebrate dads. A very special day for me because I get to acknowledge and thank my mentor.

Growing up in ski racing, my dad was my coach. It’s a unique relationship to be coached by your father. Not always an easy one either.

Other than coaching, my father was heavily involved in my ski racing career. He was often a technical delegate at my races and helped out in any way he could. Ski racing is definitely a commitment for the whole family so both my parents were involved.

I remember my dad always being there. Inspecting the course with me, being present at the start and going over strategy with me. Being at the bottom when I finished. Going through calculations and numbers to figure splits and point differentials. Always cheering me on, always believing in me.

I had a successful ski racing career and I know it’s in no small part thanks to my dad. There is no way I could have gone as far as I did without his support and dedication. Racing was our way of life.

So on this Father’s Day here’s to you dad. Thanks for coaching me, supporting me and always believing in me. Your love, guidance and faith have helped me become the person I am today.

I love you dad.


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