Thanks 2012, welcome 2013!

It’s the end of yet another year.  Time does fly doesn’t it?

This year has been the year of the dragon, an extremely powerful, successful year for me, at least that’s what was predicted.

I’d say, on the whole, that it was a good year.  My first running my own business, I’m proud of the work I’ve done and the clients I’ve helped.

It’s also fair to say I’ve slipped, as someone who comes from a family with addictions I believe this is an integral part of my journey.  The highs and lows have by no means disappeared but they are getting less prevalent and less intense which is an absolute blessing.

I remember this time last year sitting on a beach in the Bahamas writing down my goals for the year in the sand.  You know what?  Everything manifested, that’s the power of intention.  Amazing isn’t it?

This year I’m heading into a new year aware of what I would like to manifest.  I’ve chosen a word for 2013, abundance.  I want abundance both in my life and work.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons this year, I’ve matured along the way too.  I’ve learned compromise, respect and communication are all necessary elements in my relationship. I’ve had a year of change.  I’ve decided to take the next step in my relationship and buy a house with someone.  Not easy for someone challenged by commitment. Yet I did it despite the fear and you know what?  It certainly has by no means been easy but we’re making it work.

All that to say I’m really looking forward to 2013, may it be filled with good health, happiness, peace and abundance.


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