Before I die…

This post was inspired by something I saw on Facebook.  It got me thinking about my bucket list and some of the things I want to do before my time is up.

Now I’m hoping that’s not going to happen anytime soon but here’s my list:

This is a huge goal and one I think of if I won the lottery.  I’d like to provide sports psychology to all high school kids in the city and if possible, the country.  Share the positivity.

Personal growth is really important to me, maybe it’s because of who I am and the work I do that I believe in it so much.  I’d like to add a hypnotism certification to my bag of tools, plus workshops with Anthony Robbins and the like.

Travel.  Some of the places on my wish list are: Venice, Chile, Stonehenge, Sedona, Australia and New Zealand, Greece, Egypt, Prague, Paris and Alaska.  I’m sure there are many more I just haven’t thought of yet.

Living a happy, healthy and full life.  I think all the wishes I’ve identified so far would contribute to accomplishing this don’t you?


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