Letting go

I’ve lost two clients lately.  Most of my clients are ski racers and the season is unfortunately over, however, the loss was unexpected.

It’s tough losing clients.  I’ve been told not to take it personally or that it’s not a reflection of me but it’s not easy.  I had only been working with them for a month, hardly enough time to really make a difference.

The outcomes for both clients were not great.  When asked why one client no longer wanted to work with me I was told that it wasn’t working and worse, an equipment change seemed to help.  Really? I know that what I do works, no ifs ands or buts.  My success as a ski racer was due in part to the mental work I did. I also know what I do isn’t for everyone. Fair enough.

The relationship I developed with the second client was intense. Her story was very similar to my own and my heart really went out to her.  We got very close until she abruptly ended our professional relationship after a month with no reason, by text, no less.  I was devastated to say the least. I was at least told the work I had done with her had helped.  To add flavor to the mix I was not paid for part of the work I did. Very disappointing on many levels.

I guess it’s important to realize that what I do isn’t going to float everyone’s boat. I love what I do, I’m passionate and believe in the results possible.

Funnily letting go is one of the concepts I teach, applying it to myself became a little tougher. Some important lessons were learned and that’s what matters.



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