30 day abundance challenge

It’s been a while since I’ve written, there have been a lot of changes. I remember my yoga teacher saying change is constant.  How true.

I’ve gone up and down and finally, blessedly, leveled out.  Feels good to be where I am, back to my self.  Like flying, life is about going to higher elevations and sometimes along the journey you hit those precious air pockets that make you drop before you level out again.

Feels like a calm ocean now.  Sometimes waves come but I flow with them or do my best to.  There has been much to be grateful for in the process.  A new job I truly enjoy and align with.  Increased exposure to my passion in sports psychology and a return to more frequent calls with my clients.  An injection of energy and passion into my art.  A return to self which has had a ripple effect in all areas of my life, personal, relationship and family.  Overall, it’s been a pretty rich experience for which I am truly grateful.

In this vein I have taken on the 30 day abundance challenge set forth by Tonya Davidson, a pretty cool lady and fellow artist.  Here are the details:

My 30 day challenge to you is to give away something every day for the next 30 days starting today for the goodness of others and ultimately bringing you abundance.

If you seek love, give love. Give away a hug a day.
If you seek money, give money, even if it’s a dollar or a quarter a day.
If you seek time, give away some of your time every day to help others.
If you seek happiness, give gratitude and thanks to others each day.

Are you in?

I love this idea and will set forth, as of today, to give away every day.

I will count my blessings, feel truly grateful and amazed for all the beauty, love and peace around me because it is around us all. You just have to look.


One thought on “30 day abundance challenge

  1. Dominique says:

    It’s a wonderful idea that coincides with the time of year when the comtrast between the have and have-nots is most noticeable…

    Merci Nat!

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