Ups and downs

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a summer. Not in a good way.

I try and stay away from heavy topics on this blog but my summer has been a little disconcerting.

I’ve been riding a rollercoaster of mood swings most of the summer.  The highs and lows are troubling and tiring. The good news is I’ve made an appointment to see a biochemist to see whether my moods can be regulated.  I have been resisting chemical solutions as I’m not a big believer in western medicine.

The highs are better than the lows.  High productivity, accelerated idea generation combined with restlessness and little sleep.  The lows are not so great: tears, depressed mood and loads of sleep.

This cyclical pattern has been present for years.  As much as I like the productivity I don’t like the lows at all, I’d really like a more even life.

The impacts have been far reaching on my life, my relationship and work.

Here’s hoping the solution lies in brain chemistry so I can look forward to smoother sailing, I will keep you posted.


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