It’s been almost a year since my best friend James died suddenly.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.  A year ago I wrote a post in his honor. To commemorate his passing I’m going to write another today.

I miss him a lot. I miss the way he made me feel, his laugh and hugs.  I miss how he always managed to bring out Natalie light somehow.

Last night I was flooded with memories of our time together. Like the time we went camping and a storm hit overnight knocking down trees yet we managed to stay cozy and dry because James rigged a system of tarps. Like the many times we went out dancing. Or the time we went for a walk and came upon a nudist.

So many great memories of us playing crazy eights or having dinner together.  James was like family, there was an ease to him that instantly made me comfortable in his presence.

I miss him so much sometimes it hurts but I can imagine him causing havoc in heaven where I’m sure everyone knows his name. 

I know he’s with me, looking out for me. I talk to him a lot. Yet after a year there’s still a huge void in my life where he used to be.

Rest in peace James.  My world was a better place because you were in it.


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