Words.  Words have power.  The power to heal and the power to hurt.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all said things we’ve later regretted.

Lately I’ve been greatly affected by something a parent said.  I called looking for support and instead got tough love in the form of a sermon.  Not something I appreciate or works for me.

I was told some pretty harsh things such as I’ve screwed up every job I’ve ever done.  Nice eh? That one stung.

I hesitated even speaking about it here because I’ve attempted to make my blog a positive one, however, I saw an opportunity to share some important lessons learned around the event.

When it happened I was devastated. I tried to remind myself that my parent’s model of the world was very different from mine.

It took a long time for the energy around the conversation to dissipate and for the words to stop haunting me.

Words have power, be careful how you use them.


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