It’s been over a month since I’ve written.

I had a dear friend from high school check in with me this week to see how I was doing since she had not seen any recent updates from me on Facebook.  Smart girl. I go quiet when things are not going so well.  I withdraw from the world and curl up licking my proverbial wounds.

I must say it’s been nice to be away from Facebook; I don’t have to pay attention to the chatter and mundane updates.  Facebook is such a great tool in so many ways, however, it also robs us of valuable time away from loved ones and keeps us from being present.  There is very little draw to go back to Facebook now, just a mild curiosity which is quickly curtailed after a few minutes spent online. Definitely a good thing.

I’m struggling with reality.  The desire to do sports psychology as a full time profession and the reality of having to pay bills and make a living.  Right now I feel like I’m existing. Watching my life pass me by while I procrastinate and avoid in all sorts of ways like reading or watching too much tv.  If I spent as much time exercising as I do watching tv I’d be in phenomenal shape.

Unfortunately this is an old pattern that obviously doesn’t serve me. I’ve been making an attempt to get outside and exercise which always makes me feel better.  Needless to say, all of this is taking a toll personally and on my relationship.  I’d say I’ve been in this funk for the better part of a month.

The good news is my partner and I both went to see the practitioner we work with a few days ago.  He’s always a great support and once again he’s helped me reframed my outlook and given me some tools to help me deal with this little grey cloud that won’t go away.

I’m terribly sorry for my absence, dear readers, but I must say it’s been a nice break from this blog as well.

Here’s hoping for sunnier skies, smiles and  a lighter heart.




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