Change is in the air

I’ve been a funny place lately.  Sticking close to home, hibernating almost, quiet.  I went and saw my healer today and he helped put things into perspective for me which has put me at ease and given me an understanding of sorts.

It’s fair to say my life has been a roller coaster for most of my life.  Ups and downs, real swings that took their toll on me.  So when my healer helped me see I’ve been healing for the past few months it made sense to me.  I went through a manic period at the end of last year.  I can’t believe the schedule I had and what I accomplished, it was pretty incredible really.

The results showed me that I was able to be successful, to reach some important goals, to move forward in what it is love most.  My contract in sports psychology is coming to an end soon and I will have to find a more steady source of income for a while.  My hope is that I can find something that will fulfill and challenge me and keep me interested and satisfied.

I am not giving up on sports psychology or my wish to have a career in it but for now my path must diverge.  I’m looking forward to what the universe delivers.


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