Teaching kids new tricks

I’ve started a contract at a sports study high school giving sports psychology sessions.  Friday was day one, trial by fire, with volleyball, badminton and hockey teams and elite athletes which meant ski team kids, soccer kids and golf kids.

Teaching is not easy, however, it was interesting to see what came up.  I put the kids in focus groups and asked them to identify challenges to their sport.  Motivation, injury and fatigue were usually the top three.  Followed by focus, self-talk, and coaching.

We talked about all the issues and covered a lot of ground.  The kids were generally receptive when I could get their attention.  My best group was where the coach got the most involved.  We practiced imagery and chose words to help them focus.

At the end of each session I would ask the kids what they learned.  Again the answers were varied, from imagery to positive thinking to refocusing.

By the end of the day my feet were screaming, no more heels for me and I was wiped but a happy feeling of satisfaction enveloped me on the drive home.  Back at it next week!


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