Fun for a good cause

I spent the weekend at the Tremblant 24h.  What a blast! $1,864,133 was raised for three charities: the Ottawa Senators Foundation, the Charles-Bruneau Cancer Foundation and the Tremblant Foundation.  Who knew raising money could be this much fun? 

My team managed to pull $1700 together in less than a week.  We did really well considering how it all came together last minute.  There were 205 teams and 1800 participants.  Amazing numbers for the 10th edition of the event.

A highlight was the concert at the summit Friday night.  The lodge was turned into a VIP club accessible only by ticket and gondola.  My crew and I rocked it out to Alfa Rococo, complete with glow sticks.  So much fun.  It was eerie leaving the club and going down in the silence of the gondola, the wind blowing, enveloped by inky darkness.  I actually fell asleep.

Everything started the next morning, team captain briefing, breakfast and yet another highlight.  Running into my racing nemesis from 20 years ago.  As a former national ski team member she was an ambassador for the event.  We caught up, it was like no time had elapsed and I was 16 all over again.  Awesome

The race started at noon and went till noon the next day.  We experienced every type of weather possible in that timeframe.  It was balmy when it began, the sun came out, then the race was actually suspended for four hours because of high winds during the night and early morning.  Finally a snowstorm kicked up all kinds of snow and frozen ice pellets.  It was wild.

Our team of 12 was split into groups of three for three hour shifts.  One person racing, two people on support to help transition or if anything came up.  My first shift wasn’t till 11pm.  The objective is to go down as quickly as possible and lap as many runs as you can.  It’s all about the most mileage in the least amount of time.  As co-lead I wanted to ensure teams were in place and transitions occurred as smoothly as possible.  Sleep became a luxury.  I didn’t notice because there was always something going on.  Concerts Saturday night next to the transition area and then a dj till the wee hours of the morning.

The best highlight was my last shift and the end of the race.  Two runs in weather that would keep most people at home curled up in their jammies.  Visibility was negligible, frozen ice pellets stinging my face and conditions were super fast.  It was awesome!  I brought it home for the team with a hot pink boa around my neck going speeds no one should go in that weather and loving every minute of it.  Macking it through rutted rollercoaster turns and trusting I’d make it down in one piece. It rocked!  What a great feeling to finish it all off. 

It was such a privilege and honor to be a part of the event and the energy surrounding it all.  Turns out our team is going to be sponsored again next year and I think all of us will happily show up and do it all over again.

Thanks Ottawa Kiosk and my good friend Tuan for putting this together.  To my team for being the kind of people I’d hang out with anytime.  I’ve made 11 new friends and created memories that will last me a lifetime.  Glowing.


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