Giving back

The world out there really is greater than just our little spot in the Universe isn’t it? 

I’ve had the great good fortune to cross paths with some pretty amazing people whose purpose it is to wake up every day and wonder how to make the world a better place and then go out and make a difference.  I’ve always been the type of person to question my purpose and to give back because life really is bigger than us isn’t it?  So I’ve made what I believe will be a life changing decision to go to Nicaragua and do a school build with a local organization from Almonte called SchoolBOX next year.

In order to be a part of the build a set amount has to be raised, along with travel costs it’s steep.  Especially since I’m not working a traditional job and starting a business.  I’ve been asking the Universe to help make it happen.  In honor of the kids whose lives will be made better by the simple thing we take for granted: education.  I believe in education.  I have been fortunate to have access to great learnings and higher education for which I am incredibly grateful.  I’ve taught at the university level and relished my experiences, teaching is something I am passionate about and in the business of sports psychology I have the incredible opportunity to teach my clients new skills, impart knowledge, share and grow.  Isn’t that truly what education is all about?

So in honor of the kids in Nicaragua I opened my doors on the weekend to friends who came because they believed.  I invited two other artists, whom I am lucky to count as friends, in to my home and together we showcased our talents to the accompaniment of live music by a beloved friend.  Fairly traded Nicaraguan coffee roasted in the Muskokas was sold, all proceeds of coffee sales were generously donated to the cause.  My crew brought in food, and together we shared our stories.  I had the great opportunity to catch up with friends from all parts of my journey, some of whom I hadn’t seen in years.  It was truly a special night.  I was aglow,  feeling blessed and oh so grateful.

Together we raised $250 for Nicaragua.  Did you know that if you become a fan of SchoolBOX on Facebook $2 is donated by an anonymous donor up until Christmas?  $10 sends two children to school for a year.  Despite hoping to raise more, when I did the math I realized 50 children can now go to school.  What do you spend $10 on?  I think of takeout which has now become a luxury.  I’d much rather give the gift of education and go without.

I will be holding another event in the spring with different artists who also believe.  I can’t wait to see what the Universe delivers!  Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Giving back

  1. jon says:

    Great post! It is great to have people like you thinking about others, even though they may live very far away (out of sight, out of mind – for many).

    I look forward to meeting in Nicaragua. Should you need any help in promoting your future events, I am happy to help via SchoolBOX, or through my personal network in Ottawa.



    • skigurl says:

      Oh my goodness thank you for Jon. I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment as Tom just posted it on the SchoolBOX Facebook page and I had a little tear. I’m honored to do what I can and so very grateful for the opportunity. When I work from a heartspace everything changes. Doesn’t it? I will most certainly be in touch and look forward to meeting you as well. Keep doing what you do because it’s amazing!

      • jon says:

        You are doing a great thing. Most people say that they want to help, but often put up barriers and make excuses. I love it, when someone takes to a cause, and puts everything into it.

        By writing about what drives you, and also your experiences, you make other people aware and inspire people. You will see the fruits of your labour in Nicaragua, but the effect you have on others cannot be measured.

  2. skigurl says:

    Thank you, I am touched. Awareness and inspiration motivate me greatly.

    I feel the same way when I am working with kids in sports psychology and teaching them positive living skills. I like the image of a pebble dropped in the water and not knowing the effect the ripples will have in their lives.

    So grateful and blessed to do what I do 🙂

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