Allowing.  A theme which has been running through my life lately.

What do you allow?  How are you allowed? 

I’ve allowed a lot and at other times I haven’t allowed much.  It’s an ebb and flow isn’t it?  Like right now I’m allowing only good and not allowing the bad.  It’s amazing what happens when you shut the door on something, someone or a situation that doesn’t serve you.  The universe opens up and floods you with good stuff, amazing opportunities and unknown possibilities.  At the same time it also gives you the chance to reinforce your decision by presenting you with all sorts of situations to cement your resolve.  At least it has for me lately.

I have been incredibly blessed of late.  Thanks George!  My pet name for the universe invariably makes me smile.  The stuff coming my way has been incredible.  I feel as though I am growing into my skin for the first time of my life.  I am on the path and on purpose and my goodness is it ever amazing.

I glow.  I kid you not.  I am glowing from within with a million dollar bulb.  Whoah.  It’s an incredible feeling. 

Loving it.  Keep sending more of it George!  Woohoo!


3 thoughts on “Allowing

  1. Holly Dean says:

    You glow, girl! 🙂

  2. David Schor says:

    By George, I think she’s got it!

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