My cosmic brother

This post is dedicated to an incredible man who has been in my life through thick and thin and towards whom my heart is full of so much love, gratitude and hope right now.

I just spent a whirlwind night in Montreal with my cosmic brother.  We hadn’t  seen each other in three years.  When we meet it’s like time collapses, we hold space for each other and create this experience that defies words and is truly amazing.

Montreal is a city which holds a special place in my heart.  I spent my formative years in military college playing in its streets.  Going back and experiencing last night with him was made doubly special because we were together.  There is an energy in Montreal which is so alive.  Last night walking the streets with him under a gorgeous full moon, surrounded by the white lights of Christmas and feeling the crisp air on our cheeks was incredible.

Sitting across from him over dinner, catching up and discovering each other had the power to make time stop.  Drifting through the streets, letting the experience create itself and ending up having drinks and learning more was priceless.

I love this man.  He is an amazing soul with an infinite capacity to hold space and take whatever life throws at him and stay calm.  To me that is an incredibly precious gift.  Yet I see in him a desire for more in the safe confines of his intellectually created world.  I get it, I do. So last night I loved him in the moment where he was, whatever outcome he chooses will be good.  My greatest hope for him is when he decides to stop playing it safe and to wake up to an even greater gift. 

I suppose that’s what drew us to each other.  He calm, rational with an incredible capacity to know.  Me, wild child, reckless, and so alive.  Feeling his presence protecting, loving and supporting me is the best gift any person could ever ask for. 

I hope you know how much you touch my life by your presence, your incredible capacity for unconditional love and the space you hold for me.   Know my life is made that much richer because you’re in it.  I love you cosmic brother always and in all ways.


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