The business of life

I’m in Whistler on vacation visiting with my brother and my beloved nephew.  It’s funny how life is when you’re surrounded by two and a half year olds.  My sister in law runs a daycare and the life of a toddler is lots of fun.  Snacks, naps and play.  I could definitely get on board with that.

I’m heading to Whistler today to do some sightseeing and shopping.  I always forget how lush BC is until I drive through Stanley Park.  This place is almost tropical.  I marvel and am in awe of the mountains.  I’m at the base of Mount Currie so I wake up and look out the window and there it is in all its white capped splendor!

We are all heading to Tofino Friday, I am booked in for surfing lessons this weekend at an all girls surf school.  I’m hoping I’m a natural and it’s not like my dreadful foray in rock climbing.  I can’t wait!

Enjoying my vacation, looking forward to the adventures ahead.


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