I’m about to head out on vacation for 2 whole weeks!  I’m excited because I am headed west to Whistler to see my brother and family, including my beloved godson and nephew.  I can’t wait!  We are planning lots of day trips including one to Tofino to do something that has been on my to do life list forever: surfing!  There is an all female surfing school in Tofino I will be taking lessons at.  I hope I’m going to enjoy it and pick it up quickly.  I wonder if it is close to skiing in terms of balance?  I’ll soon find out.

I look forward to spending oodles of time with my nephew, trips to the lake and just hanging out with my family.  It has been a few years since I’ve been out.  I’ve opted not to bring out my ski gear, the glacier will be open but that means lugging a whole pile of ski gear out there.  Nah I’m packing my bathing suit and travelling light this time.

Here’s hoping for great weather, good time and fond memories.


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