Cycling.  I’m a fan of it, I’m going to go off topic and speak to it because a dear friend of mine was hurt in a bike accident this week.  She was doored, hurled abuse at and then the driver sped away.  How’s them apples?  Turns out my girfriend now has 3 cracked ribs.  Great.

It seems everyone has a story.  It amazes me at the stupidity on both sides, cyclists and drivers alike.  Ottawa police are conducting a 2 day bike awareness blitz in an effort to educate people on bike safety and the rules of the road.  As a bicycle you are considered a vehicle, that means you do not get to ride on the sidewalk, unlike the lady in Westboro yesterday whom I needed to move out of the way for on her bike.  Hello?

Cyclists have the most to lose in all this.  As someone who rides I have fallen off my bike a few times, blessedly I have never collided with a vehicle.  There is a handy article on the CBC website I will refer to for more information.

In the meantime please be careful on the roadways, I am guilty of not always taking a look when opening my car door.  I hope I would have better judgement and at least assist the person if ever there was an accident of the sort.  Shame on the person who doored my friend for her lack of respect and kindness.


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