I’ve just come back from a week long business trip in Chicoutimi.  I love spending time in Quebec, I realize when I’m there how much I miss my people and the things that make them unique.  Listening to french radio stations on the drive in, it’ s a whole other world for the uninitiated I tell ya.

I spoke in French all week, in a word: awesome!  My people rock, Chicoutimi seems to have the most unlikely expressions I have ever heard.  I discovered I truly suck at rock climbing, I bet you it has something to do with my body mass ratio.  Not my sport, I’ll stick to skiing thank you very much.

The food.  What can I say?  My people can cook and have unique dishes you can’t find anywhere else.  Even ordering a caesar is impossible in French, it’s called a bloody.  Weird eh?  It’s a whole other world and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thanks for a week of fun Chicoutimi, you are an awesome little town!


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