I’ve just been given an ultimatum.  A big one.

My partner, the man who says he loves me, has just told he will no longer see me until my attendance at work improves.  How do you like that?  Does that seem right to you?  

You see I have been leaving work early lately.  Things are slow, my work is done I’d rather head home and give my staff hours than stick around and be bored.  I get how it looks, I do.  What’s my alternative?  Stay at work.  Right.

I’m upset and angry.  I would never put my partner in this position.  I have delivered an ultimatum and it ended badly.  We broke up.  I’m hurt and can’t believe I am in this place again.

Why can’t our relationship work?  Why do we trigger each other so much?  Why does he treat me with so little respect that he feels he needs to give me an ultimatum to prove a point?

I don’t think we are going to recover from this.  Pity because we seemed to be doing so well lately.  I am so terribly sad and hurt.


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