Today’s post was inspired by Christine Kane’s weekly email on courage.  She came up with a list of 52 things to build your courage.  From everything to painting your fingernails green (nice one!) to leaving a relationship that hurts or drains you.

It inspired me to come up with my own list of things to build courage.

Here goes:

Start a blog – check!

Paint your nails blue – I just had to add that one in.

Cut your hair – I did it and it took guts.

Quit a job you hate and start your own business.

Love the skin you’re in.

Treat yourself with gentleness and respect.

Create good outcomes.

Look into people’s eyes when you’re in public – taken from Christine’s email, I thought it was great.

Stick to yoga – working on it!

Pay it forward.

Admit when you are wrong.

Give money away.

Watch less TV.

Respond, don’t react.


Stop eating meat.

Love with no limits.

Excuses are the enemy of action, stop making them.

Assumptions are the enemy of succes, question them often.

Write a letter to someone you love and tell them how you feel and what they mean to you.


Hire someone to do a regular task you can’t stand doing – like cleaning!

Spend more time playing and less time worrying.

There it is my list of things that bring me courage, hope it inspires you to bring a little more courage to your own life.


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