I’ve been dreaming lately.  Dreaming of buying a house that is.  I’ve found the perfect one.  At 36 I can honestly say I’m ready for home ownership.  It’s time.

The house is perfect, it’s in the country, it’s an architectural marvel and well, it’s perfect.  So I’ve put in an offer.  Gulp.  I have yet to hear back.  Here’s hoping.  It all feels surreal somehow.  I keep thinking of paint colors, of carpet, and of the glorious hot tub!

It’s got 3 bedrooms, a gorgeous place for a studio, a great kitchen and a wonderful living room for entertaining.  In short, it’s perfect. 

Not sure what I’m going to do if they accept the offer.  Then it will be real won’t it? Gosh.  I’ll be a homeowner.

Gardens, ponds.  Did I mention the hot tub?  Oh yeah.

Stay tuned…


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