Shut out

My partner and I got into yet another argument today.  I’m not sure what’s happening in the universe at the moment but it’s been a week of fights.  I’m wiped as I’m sure he is and we are both fed up of the pattern.  I was hung up on today and then shut out, all communication cut off.  Not a good place to be for a person who fears abandonment the most is it?

So I had a rotten afternoon at the store with that stinking feeling as my only company.  It’s a wonder how I managed to deal with customers at all, it was thankfully pretty quiet.  I would alternate between tears, anger and disappointment.  I went to yoga, still the icky feeling followed me.  Finally an olive branch was extended and an invitation to dinner presented.

I don’t know why we do this to each other.  It hurts us both and makes us withdrawn and tentative.  There is a little more damage done every time we fight.  I’m not sure what the greater purpose behind all this is but I wish it would reveal itself soon because neither of us want to put up with any more of the fighting.


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