I am restless lately, not sure whether it’s the change of seasons, something in the air or something deeper.  I’ve hit the three month mark with work and I’m feeling a shift.  I’ve grown the store’s sales by 25%, the work I’m doing is solid, the changes I’ve made good.  Why am I restless?  There is plenty of challenge still isn’t there? I wonder.  How is it it that I always want more?  That I’m rarely satisfied, that I need movement, change, challenge.  I can feel my desire slipping just a little, not sure whether it’s because of work or my niggling personal life.

I wish I was the person who could shut off, compartementalize and move on.  I’m not, I’m human.  Lately my mettle has been tested, the man I was in relationship with will not leave me alone.  I have had to block his texts, there have been many.  His comments to my blog have been constant, they are now spam. 

This blog is my voice.  You will not silence it nor me.  You can not control this or me anymore.  Let it go.  I have been respectful, I have not spoken of the events of a month ago.  I do not want you to occupy the space I have allowed you to occupy.  Enough.

I will process this my way, at my pace, in this forum if I so choose.  My intent isn’t to soldier gather, to wage a war against you or to give you any more power than I have already.


2 thoughts on “Restlessness

  1. how are you?

    Definitely gonna recommend this post to a few friends

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