Sadness has hit since Sunday, it comes in waves, at any moment my face is wet with tears.  I miss my best friend, the one I couldn’t wait to share my days with.  The one whose arms I sought to find comfort and love.  The one whose body wrapped around mine at night and made me feel safe.  I miss my skiing soul mate.  Watching the snow melt at such a rapid rate is a painful reminder of what we loved doing together and where we shone best. 

I know where we are at is for the best, it became an untenable situation but I am human and grieving a loss.  I miss the way he made me laugh, his generosity and kindness.  I chose to remember the good.  Good bye my love.  I wish you well.  I know I wasn’t always easy to love.  You may not have loved me the way I wanted you to but you did and for that I will always be grateful.  I learnt a lot with you.  I’m still sifting through it all. 

I know I will come out of on the other side of this sadness healed.


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