I’m sitting here watching the snow fall, enjoying the way the flakes dance, the hush of the snow blanketing the landscape, the softness of the veil descending.  I feel safe, warm, cocooned somehow. 

My love affair has ended.  I will respect our privacy and my need to heal by not going in to details.  Instead I will sit with stillness.  Allowing the feelings to wash over me one by one.  Anger has come and gone.  Sadness is present, it too shall pass.  Thoughts come fleeting of the past, of our good times together, I wonder what he is doing, and then the present asks for attention.  I intend to stay present as much as possible and allow time to do its work.  I will heal.  I will move on.  I must.

In the meantime I am being gentle with myself, loving myself and being grateful for the love and support of friends.


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