Today’s post is about meditation.  How do you meditate?  I meditate through moments, like when I’m on skis, connected, moving, free.  When I’m walking, through moments of beauty, sounds and peace.  When I paint, lost in feeling, color and observation.  Tonight I joined a meditation circle.  I had misgivings about meditation, whether I wanted to commit to the discipline of sitting with myself for 40 minutes a day.  I’m glad I went and I’m excited about the prospects a regular, committed practice will bring.  At this moment in my life, right now, meditation is exactly what I need.

I come from a family of doers, they don’t stop.  I have learned in time to be.  We are human beings and not human doings.  Taking the time first thing in the morning and last thing at night to connect with myself is the best gift I can give me.  To listen, observe, and watch without following.  To witness me.  To connect with a higher consciousness. To just be.

I am looking forward to what my practice brings and will keep you posted on my revelations, insights and challenges.  To sit for 40 minutes with a person who likes to be in constant movement will be an interesting experiment.   I am hoping to be more grounded, centered and calm.


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