Groundhog day

I meant to get this post out on the day where the furry little beast sees his shadow, freaks out and goes back to hibernating.  Poor guy.  Would you like to be woken up from a long winter’s nap, hoisted in front of glaring press lights and foisted upon the crowds not looking your best?  I think not.  All joking aside, I am getting to a point.  Remember the movie Groundhog day?  Follow me here.  Bill Murray relives the same day over and over again, the same story repeats itself.

I have been running a story for years subconsciously, a story that reinforces old core beliefs of not being worthy of love and of being alone.  Guess what?  I’ve done all sorts of work and I’m still running this story.  The universe delivers opportunities to reinforce our filters or challenge them. 

I went to a coaching session with my partner a few weeks ago.  My coach whom I greatly respect is tough on me.  He holds me to a high standard as a master NLP practitioner.  He asked me how long was I willing to hang on to my story?  What would happen to my relationship if I got out of my own way?  What would love look like if I allowed myself to trust, feel and just be.

He asked me to paint a picture of what love would look like.  As an artist I have no problems with that but the image that comes is that of light flowing through stained glass.  I love the energy of churches, there is such comfort in the air, I feel peace there.  I guess that’s what I want love to feel like, comforting, peaceful, vibrant, alive.

Whether or not I can create that is another matter entirely but I believe.


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