Scars remind us where we’ve been, they don’t have to dictate where we’re going.

I think this quote is brilliant, it seems quite apt at the moment.  I’m caught in that space between challenging old beliefs and knowing new ones.  My partner is having a boys weekend and I’m home getting triggered left right and center because I feel left out, not a part of and not worthy.  Old core beliefs.  I know what is true, I am worthy and welcome to join him tomorrow.

My time off is finite, I have been working hard.  Our time together usually consists of a few nights a week, we get two whole days every couple of weeks which we like to spend together skiing.  So I’m sitting here desperately attempting to be rational while this storm rages inside.

Scars are not going to dictate where I’m going.  I will wake up early and join him for first tracks in the morning.  We will be happy to see each other and savour our time together.  Meawhile I’m breathing.


2 thoughts on “Scars

  1. Matt says:

    Hi Natalie, I think it’s great how you keep at it and never give up. You’ve had some rough roads, but you’ve never let them defeat you.

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