A promise broken

The promise you made to commit to us, I remember it well.  It was made after our third break up.  We swore to do things differently this time.  You said you’d try.  There is no try, only do.  I had such hopes for us.

And just like that it ended.  After all the effort you’re not happy.  I can’t help you with that.  I can’t open your heart to me.  I can’t make you love me or  feel something you don’t.

I’m angry, angry at your cowardice, at your dragging your stuff into our relationship and destroying it.  I’m angry most of all beacuse you hurt me, you broke my heart, you broke your promise to us. 

I loved you.  You took that love and walked all over it.  You don’t deserve me.  I curse the day I met you.  Karma rocks, I hope she delivers your just desserts.


One thought on “A promise broken

  1. Willy says:

    Curious. where are we with the Kübler-Ross model?

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