The mixed tape

My guy surprised me the other night, he gave me a mixed CD of songs he likes.

Ah the mixed tape.  The last one I received was from my roomate in my last year at college.  It was a tape and it took her hours to make.  On it were some of her favorite songs and some of mine.  Now with the advent of technology, the mixed tape is no more.  With IPods and MP3 players you can share your music easily.

I’m happy with my mixed CD, it took him awhile to select the songs he wanted.  It was easy enough to do thanks to his computer but I sure love the thought he put into it.  I love the result too.  I can’t stop listening to it while driving.  On it is our song.  It’s a song by Adele that fills me with feeling every time I hear it, I guess it affects us both deeply.  Funny how music has such power to ellicit emotion.

We listened to the CD on the way up to the chalet on the weekend, I enjoyed asking him what the songs meant to him and gleaning a bit more insight into the man I love.  It made for some good conversation.

I’m hopeful this is just the first mixed tape and that there will be more to come.


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