When one door closes, another one opens

I received some pretty bad news Tuesday, I lost my job.  I never even saw it coming.  All of a sudden I was being escorted out of the building and told to come get my belongings later.

I’m pretty sure I was in shock for a while, luckily I had an appointment with my counselor.  I just sat in her office and cried.  I was not given an explanation as to why I was let go.  I’ve since asked for one but have yet to receive it.  It doesn’t help with closure or learning and moving on.

I was restless in my job lately.  Not sure if it’s my personality or the job wasn’t turning out to be such a good fit.  After all I thought it was my dream job.  So much for that.

I don’t know what my next steps will be or what that even looks like yet.  I guess time will tell.


One thought on “When one door closes, another one opens

  1. Matt says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the job. Employers can be so heartless. One thing you have to remember that more often than not losing your job has nothing to do with you. I was the President of the union for a government department downtown for several years and sat in numerous meetings where I’ve heard Deputy Minister and their ADMs discuss how many people they were going to have to lay off to meet a budget cut or a budget re-allocation of funds. They never ever discussed using employee evaluations or even discussed keeping the performers and getting rid of the dead-wood. No, it was always the temps and the terms. Government and private industry both use last-in, first out when downsizing to meet their budget numbers. Being escorted out with no prior warning whatsoever has nothing to do with you at all. It’s actually written in the government’s operations manual and that is how they are told to do it. They never discuss it first with the person or give them a reason, anything they say can be used against them. The first thing that happens is that a security person is there, they hand the person the notice and the person is escorted out of the building immeadiately, that very second. It makes it seems to the employee that they have done something horrible or something is wrong with them. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with them or their job performance. It’s a system that has been set up to intimidate and protect employers from wrongful dismissal lawsuits. They don’t allow the employee a chance to collect any e-mails or memos where the employer has said something good about the employee. I know this won’t help the pain of losing the job, but don’t read anything into it, beleive me, what happened and the way it was done has nothing to do with you. They all are handled that way unfortunately. Over the years while I was President representing the employees of a Department I’ve had two clients who commited suicide because of the government’s ham fisted ways. Their managers didn’t even care.

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