Feeling single

This is not a post I want to write but here it is.  The long weekend is just about over and I went camping.  Alone.  Yup.  Does that seem normal to you when I’m in a committed relationship?  If I had to receive one more comment about camping solo I could have screamed. 

I think a friend said it best when I was griping by text: “So what? You become single when he has his daughter?”  Pretty much.  I’m not trying to have a pity party here, far from it, I’m just tired of it all.  Sure he invited me up to the chalet when I was driving up to the campground.  Hello?  A little forewarning would have been nice.

We got into a huge fight Friday before I left about money I owe him.  It ended on a positive note in that I went about finding a solution and everything sorted itself out.

I mean this is the guy I’m considering a future with right?  I understand him wanting to spend time with his daughter and being protective of her but I would have to sleep in the guest room if I wanted to stay at the chalet.  He says he wants to make sure we’re stable enough before I get to sleep with him when his daughter is around.  It feels like yet another slight.

Am I off track here?  Being unreasonable?  I’ve seen him twice in two weeks.  Both times were my initiative.  Frankly I have to begin to wonder how i fit into his life.


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