I’ve had a rough day, I could really use a shoulder to lean on right about now.  My boyfriend’s shoulder would be nice but my boyfriend and his shoulder are nowhere to be found.  Presumably with his daughter, seemingly too busy to text me.  I’m feeling a little bereft, and very much alone.

So what do you suppose the Universe delivers me?  A hot tub invite by a friend!  I love it when we put a request out for some attention, a shoulder to cry on and the Universe delivers it in spades.  What’s even more unusual is I haven’t heard from this particular friend in months and tonight he texts me out of the blue.  His gift he says.  How did he know I had a crappy day, that my boyfriend is unable to be there for me and that my little corner of the world is filled with dark clouds?  I love the way the Universe works, it’s extraordinary really.

I have to be grateful, it’s my one remedy when I get like this. 

Count my blessings one by one until something starts to shift and I start feeling better. 

Like a friend texting out of the blue, like companionship and a hot tub.


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