Today’s post is going to deviate from the norm a little.  It seems no matter what, you are always a child in your parents’ home.

I am on vacation in PEI and staying with my parents in their summer home.  Control is the name of the game here as are the incessant comments on what I eat, when I eat, whether I exercise or not.  It’s never ending.  Who can live up to this shit?  Who wants to?

For example if you have an extra person at breakfast who wants coffee, you’d make more, right?  Not here.  I’m told to enjoy my one cup of coffee.  Yeah not so much.  Comments are passed on what I spend my money on, even if it’s a bloody anniversary gift.  Makes you not want to partake or even show up really.

So patience in hand, I look forward to the next 6 days and what inane comments they will bring.  It’s an opportunity to set boundaries and determine what’s appropriate and what’s not. 

Lord help me but are all parents like this?  Weigh in!


One thought on “Vacations

  1. Captain Japan says:

    Hopefully you won’t get grounded and sent to your room without supper.

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