Back in the nook

Somehow something magical has happened, don’t ask me how it did because I couldn’t tell you even if I tried.  The man I love and I are back together.

We’ve sworn to do things differently this time, to take things slow, to seek help, to work on ourselves and the relationship.  To love each other better.  I’m still fearful of when either of us get triggered, we have some strategies in place we hope will work.  Neither of us wants to go through another break up again.

I’m back in the nook.  It’s the place between his shoulder and chin, where I belong.  Feels like home.  I’ve missed the nook and I’m so happy to be back.

Pinch me for I must be dreaming.  Listen to me Universe, I love this man like no other and want things to work so please make it happen.


One thought on “Back in the nook

  1. Kari says:

    I think your strategies have a greater chance of working than some mystic help from the Universe, but either way…I’m pulling for you to remain…in the nook! From one happy nook-dweller to another! ;0)

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