Letting go

It’s amazing what happens when we let go isn’t it?  Letting go of outcomes and expectations makes for a much more peaceful experience altogether.  When we let go we are often suprised at just how much we get back.  Set the intention, let go and see what happens.

I’ve been letting go a lot lately in my relationship and it’s incredible what happens when I do.  He shows up, puts in the effort and is much more present and I, in turn, am much more peaceful and happy.

Happiness.  I have moments of it in my relationship, many more lately.  There’s a lightness around us now, like some weight has been lifted.  Our stuff gets triggered in relationship. I seem to have let go of some energy because I feel so much lighter, light hearted and peaceful.  Happy.

The issues still remain but a firmer commitment seems to have occurred.  A sense of safety has established itself and I feel much more grounded.  It’s a good place to be.  I have the sense that this is a new place for me, one filled with hope, possibilities and peace.

Letting go for me results in a powerful shift with unexpected and happy results.  What will it do for you?


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