Hope.  It’s a small word with a big message. 

Hope that I can salvage my relationship with the man I love.  Hope that the distance that seems to be growing ever so wider between us somehow shortens.  Hope that he starts treating me the way I want to be treated.  Hope that the love he is able to give me is enough. 


Hope that I have the patience to see whether we work out or not.  Hope that somehow the void that is within me fills bit by bit.  Hope that I can love myself enough to have the courage to stay or walk away from a relationship that is not meeting my needs.  Hope that I can forgive myself and somehow slowly heal. 


Hope that maybe just maybe our love is enough to keep us together.  Hope that despite our defenses me can meet halfway.  Hope that maybe the right kind of effort, energy and love is put into us.  Hope for a better future together or apart.

Hope.  A small word with a big message.  What does it mean to you?


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