Easter surprises

It seems to have been a while since I wrote, I feel overdue.  I’ve been celebrating A LOT.  My 35th birthday, the news I got my dream job, an Easter skiing getaway.  Phew!  All good things and I’ve been basking in the glow, letting it all seep in and relishing every moment as much as possible.

Easter brought about a trip to the great mountainous goodness of Vermont.  Never having been before I fell head over heels in love with the mountains, its people and the sheer beauty of the state.  Our destination was Killington but we spent a day walking about Burlington and slowly made our way into the mountains.  It was amazing to look in every direction and see snow covered peaks.  Beautiful.  The mountains hold a special magic for me, in part because I grew up in them but also because they call to me.  They remind me just how small and impermanent we are, they have been around for millenia and will remain when we are gone.  I have a healthy respect for them and feel at home somehow.

The nature of the Vermonters I met was very much like my own: crunchy granola, birkenstock wearing, tree huggers.  I exagerate but the people I met are very much outdoor enthusiasts who are grounded and appreciative of their magical surroundings.  I envy them access to such beautiful bounty and peaceful space.  I suppose we attract people like us so maybe I am biased but I would return in a heartbeat.  I have yet to encounter more sports stores per capita anywhere much to the joy of my skiing partner in crime.

The trip was eventful, we were to spend two days skiing at Killington.  Unfortunately my guy ate undercooked hamburger meat and was laid up for a whole day.  I along with hundreds of Grateful Dead fans, due to a tribute concert, had to fend for myself on the hill.  I had a lot of opportunities for growth on the trip.  Four days is the most we have spent together since the Christmas holidays.  On the day he couldn’t come skiing with me I had to let go once I felt he was looked after.  I went and did half a dozen runs, listened to the band in the glorious spring sunshine but still wanted to share with him.  I was disapointed but I managed to enjoy myself regardless. 

We had an excellent time skiing together the following day, the spring like conditions turned to winter in a few hours overnight.  A snow storm was the order of the day Easter Sunday and we relished the hard conditions and ice, a tribute to our hard core racing backgrounds.  We skied our little hearts out, however, the day was bookended by incidents which marred the good feelings.  Anger percolated and we fought.  I don’t believe in fighting, it goes nowhere and only ends up in hurt feelings and things said that you can’t take back.  It was over the silliest of things of course but the issues went deeper.  We resolved things and moved on but it came to a head three times within the space of  24 hours.  Leaving me exhausted, hurt and hollow.

More on the trip in the next post.


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