Today’s post is about change.  What sparked the thought was rereading an online conversation between a girlfriend  and I that spanned over the course of a year and a half.  I’ve been told by many who know me that I’ve changed, the work I’ve done on myself seems to have yielded results.  Seeing it written out over the months, I was struck, here was tangible evidence.

Every month or so I’d check in with her and I’d be talking about the latest flavour of the moment.  By flavour of the moment I mean the men I was dating.  Incredible.  Who wants that much drama and upheaval?  I was exhausted just reading about my trials and tribulations.  Every time we spoke there would be someone else, my desperate attempt at finding something elusive I hadn’t yet figured out how to give to myself.

Giving myself the love I need is the essence of the revelation.  I knew logically I had to but it took my heart a while to come around.  So, as I read each month’s words and remembered each event and each man I realized it takes many steps to come to the point where we are.  I know that sounds obvious but every one of those men was a part of my journey back to me.  In the end, I was doubly lucky because I found the man who is the love of my life, he’s it for me.  There are no others.  I’ve found my skiing soul mate, the man I feel so at peace with, who can read me like a book and love me because he sees the essence of who I am.

I’ve found my way back to me and in the process attracted an incredible man who challenges me to face my issues, work on my stuff and step up.  In the space of a few months I’ve grown some more and know the path will continue.  I am feeling particularly grateful and blessed, especially around this week of my birthday.  My life seems to be shifting, realigning to a path I really want.  The Universe is providing and all I have to do is stay open and trust.


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