The little things that make us happy

As the title so aptly depicts, today’s post is about the little things that make us happy.  It’s pretty easy to forget about the little things when the big things take over but it’s precisely when the big things disappear that the little things take center stage and remind us of their importance. 

Little things like cooking for the man I love, something I do exceptionally well if I do say so myself and something I doubly enjoy doing for others.  Little things like hanging out, planning for a getaway together.  Little things such as snuggling and reaching out in the night knowing he’s inches away.  Sigh.  The little things really are the big things aren’t they?

The little things like sitting in the sunshine quietly enjoying a cup of tea in no particular rush to be anywhere.  Walking into my bedroom and catching a whiff of his scent still lingering in the air.  Little things like the memories of the night before which bring a secret smile to my face whenever I replay them in my mind.

What are the little things that make you happy?


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