Taking the drama out of drama

Today’s post is about drama, specifically the tendancy I have to create drama and my new found way of taking the drama out of my so-called drama.  Bear with me dear readers it will all make sense.  Last night I met the man I’m in relationship with to talk.  After reading yesterday’s post on the little time we spend together I’m sure you can imagine what the conversation was about.

I had to cut a practice NLP coaching session short to meet him for an hour in Kanata.  It’s funny how we manage to squeeze in these finite amounts of time in different locations across the city.  I figured I’d have plenty of time last night to get coached around some of the issues that come up for me in the relationship.  Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I didn’t.  

As the time we arranged to meet neared, I realized I’d have to make do with what I had experienced at the session and have faith that my abilities and self would be enough to get me through whatever came up.  I have to say I was pretty nervous about the meeting and as I hugged the coach I had planned on doing my coaching with I expressed my fears.  She immediately took off a ring she was wearing and slipped it on one of my fingers.  Funnily enough it fit.  What’s also strange is that I don’t wear a lot of jewelery but when I do the pieces usually have a special meaning to me.  So when she put the ring on my finger and told me she’d be with me no matter what my heart swelled and I felt comforted.  I love how the Universe aligns to put the people in our path we most need at the exact moment we need them.

As I rushed out the door I realized I was doing things differently this time around.  Instead of having conversations about the man I love with other people I was going to have the conversation I most needed to have with him.  I also made a conscious decision to release outcomes around the meeting, trusting myself and the Universe to allow events to unfold as they are meant to. 

The result?  We talked, issues were resolved and surprisingly things went much smoother than I expected.  Amazing what happens when you trust isn’t it?


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